Working As A Team!

All of our team members are like family, and a few team members are family. Give us a call and speak with any of our technicians about your needs and we always make sure you are treated with the utmost discretion and respect.

Antoinette Parfitt Cox

Permatech Makeup Owner & Instructor
Antoinette is the owner of Permatech Makeup Studio, and has been in the beauty ...

April Parfitt Gioseffi

Permanent Makeup Artist & Lash Extension Artist
April has been in the beauty industry for over thirty years. Like her sister, ...

Hannah Daniels

Permanent Makeup Artist
Hello, I am Antoinette Cox’s youngest daughter. I have been assisting her at ...

Cathy Morrison

Office Manager
Cathy Morrison is Permatech’s office manager and is the first person most ...

Shalya Harper

Massage Therapist & Esthetician
Shayla has been licensed and certified for 25 years as a massage therapist and ...

Kat Enay

Massage Therapist
Kat Enay specializes in Medical Massage Therapy focusing on pain relief, ...

Heather Rojas

Eyebrow Threading
Heather has been practicing brow threading and shaping for approximately 3 ...

Melissa Selover (Missy)

Esthetician and Makeup Artist
Hello, I am Melissa Selover, I go by Missy. I've been Beautifying women all ...

Amber Parfitt

Colleague & Former Student
Amber has been in the beauty industry since 1983, graduating from Simi Valley ...


Featured Guest Permanent Makeup Artist
Valerie has had a passion for free hand art since elementary school.  She ...
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