Permatech Scar Camouflaging & Tattoo Removal

scar-camo-apr2012Are you self-conscious about scarring or other skin imperfections from surgeries, burns, or other injuries? Are you still sporting a well-intentioned yet regrettable tattoo? Permatech Permanent Makeup can help. Our artists are highly skilled in camouflaging problem areas, using the advanced techniques involved in paramedical cosmetic tattooing.



At Permatech, we use a process called micropigmentation to break up scar tissue and then add color to better match your natural skin tone. This technique is effective on hypopigmentation, meaning the scar tissue is lighter than your natural skin color. With scarring, we can add pigment but not remove it. Therefore, this technique is not effective on hyperpigmentation, meaning the scar is a darker color than your skin tone. Hyperpigmentation reflects trauma to an area of skin, and using a needle to add more color can produce additional trauma and subsequent scarring/coloring of the skin.

If you have mottled skin or uneven skin tone, we may be able to provide some corrective services, which we can determine during your complimentary consultation.

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tattoo-removal-in-4-sessions.89123420_stdTATTOO REMOVAL

Regretting a tattoo or a permanent makeup procedure? The experienced artists at Permatech Permanent Makeup can help.

Our highly skilled artists use a removal procedure that is similar to the original tattoo application, except we apply EliminInk™ Tattoo Remover as we work on the effected tissue. During the process, magnesium oxides and other ingredients in EliminInk™ bind to the iron oxides in the original tattoo inks or color pigments in permanent makeup tattoos. This process of oxidation safely lifts the inks and pigments to the surface, where the area scabs over. Once the scab naturally exfoliates, you apply DermRenu™, a topical scar inhibitor, to the treated area 2-3 times per day for up to 8 weeks. Tattoo removal typically takes 1-8 appointments to achieve the best results.

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