Antoinette Parfitt Cox


Antoinette is the owner of Permatech Makeup Studio, and has been in the beauty field since 1982. She trained in 1991 and took a rigorous course to become a certified CMI Instructor of The American Academy of Micropigmentation using some of the most advanced techniques out there today. Permatech Makeup Studio specializes in advanced work such as the most natural Hair stroke eyebrows to Eye Shadow and the top Hair Loss Solution such as Hair Simulation. Antoinette has worked in some of the top leading Medi-Spas in California and has settled in Simi Valley to instruct some of the leading permanent makeup artist out there today. Students have come from all over just to be trained by her. Permatech Makeup Studio is one of the leading permanent makeup studio’s that has worked on many models, actors, authors and musicians in the country including many men in the industry. She trains at The Academy for Salon Professionals to aid in furthering their education on the beauty of permanent cosmetics. Antoinette also spends much of her time working with cancer patients at no cost to help give back to the community and is a proud member of the Rotary Club of Simi Valley. After correcting many artists’ work, Antoinette decided to start instructing other artists that have already been certified to help them become masters at their craft. She has certified many of the leading artists out there today.

PERMATECH Makeup Training Studio opened in Simi Valley in March of 2007. Correcting many other artists’ work, she finally decided to open her own studio so she could concentrate on the training aspect of the business. Antoinette has been doing permanent makeup since 1991 and has over 22 years of experience in training some of the best Permanent Makeup artist out there today from California to England. Students come from all over just to be trained by her. Antoinette has lived in Simi since 1964. Her mother owned the second dance studio in Simi for 15 years. Her father was the owner of Palermo Pizzeria on Tapo Street in Simi for 38 years.

In 1982 Antoinette graduated high school and was already in Cosmetology school where she graduated in 1983. Having built up a nail clientele in school she started working right away for 22 years. Having 70 standing clients who trusted her when she trained in 1991 with Bonnie Dirks (Perma Cosmetics in Beverly Hills) she began working in the permanent makeup field.

In 2000 she worked at Bella A’ More Spa & Salon for 6 years. Doing some traveling (Newport Beach / Studio City / Encino / Westlake / Agoura) and working in other places, she became so busy in Simi Valley it was time to open a place of her own. Permatech Permanent Makeup Studio is now the leading permanent makeup training studio around. She has a huge following of clients and has a growing Student Base getting larger every month. There are classes every 6 weeks – a 5 day 100 hour course. For Antoinette this is what she loves, painting and creating every day.