Welcome to Online class

Welcome To Permatech’s Online Manual Day

Congratulations on choosing “The Artistry of Permatech” technique. It has been over 26 years in the making. Here at Permatech we offer some of the most innovative techniques offered today. We are here to help you become a
fierce leader in the field of permanent makeup. When you’ve completed our class you will be on your new pathway to a successful career in Permanent Cosmetics.

What class does this manual day cover? This is our Universal manual for all our classes. So your class requires you take this manual day before your “on-site class date” begins.

Will I get a certificate? You will receive a certificate of completion of the Manual portion of your class. You will also receive your PM certification after the rest of your on-site class days are completed.

Why take this online class? Taking the “Manual Day” online will allow you to take the time you need to successfully read the manual at your leisure and get the most out of what will be 50% of your success!
How long will it take? It will depend on how important this new career is to you. We expect it should take approximately 30 hours to complete.

How To:

After creating your class schedule you will receive (via-email) a log in link to your online class.

Log In: with your ID and Pass code.

Print: Your manual is available to you to print and or open to view.

Power Point: Follow through your manual as you view the slides. The slides will bring your attention to key points of importance.

Test: After you have read and watched the slides, you will open the link to the test. After you have completed and passed it we will send you your certificate of “Manual Day” completion. (Passing score is 78% or above)

On-Site Class Date: You will have on-site class dates that you will need to attend to complete and receive your PM certificate of completion.