Why Choose Permatech?

Why Permatech?

Antoinette porfile pic 1This is the approach of “The Artistry of Permatech” teaching method. Antoinette after being in the business for many years and correcting the countless work by other artists, decided to start Instructing. “It is important for me to do all that I can to train you to be a capable artist” says Antoinette. With this impetus she created the Artistry of Permatech Method.

The Artistry of Permatech provides top notch instructors so you learn from the very best. The topics of permanent makeup are covered systematically and in detail, thus giving you a thorough knowledge of the processes involved.

Antoinette has hand-picked some of her top artists to work with her and her clients creating a team of women that are highly trained in “The artistry of Permatech” and are extremely qualified to deliver advanced work.


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